Stories that need to be told

APRIL 2015
​Featured Poetry

by Hilary Sideris

Since I can remember,
I’ve been tall and fallible,

listening to NPR in my
Accord, turning the leaves

of Calvin Trillin in the yard.
I doze and dream of her

with whom I’ll sit for
hours, talking or not, my

future crime partner,
my copilot. Monogamous

femme, let’s not waste what’s
left of life with e-mails

and what-ifs. Care for
pistachio gelato? If you’ve

 read this far, might there
be something here?


Well, ladies, it’s my job
to see the world, each beach

 sunset, blue heron, baby
whale. Okay, I’m stocky,

 bald, adventurous. My friends
agree I’m a good catch.

 I want my match with me on
the dance floor, and in rough

 waters, wearing her life vest.
I want her laughing at

 my one-liners, and taking it,
like she can dish it out. 

 My lady stands on her
two feet. Her kiss is warm

 all winter long. Let me just
add, my mom and dad

 are married forty years,
and still hold hands.

Hilary's poems have appeared in numerous journals. Her book of poems in the voice of Keith Richards, Most Likely to Die, was published in 2014 by Poets Wear Prada Press.