Stories that need to be told

Stories That Need to Be Told 2017 Winners Announced! 

The winners' anthology is scheduled to be released December 1.

Stories That Need to Be Told: 2016, last year's anthology of contest winners, was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award! The winners of the 2016 Stories That Need to Be Told contest, along with twenty of the best stories entered in the contest, comprise this collection. Get your copy on Amazon today!

Our Mission

TulipTree Publishing, LLC, was founded in 2015. Our mantra is our mission: to tell Stories That Need to Be Told.  in 2015 TulipTree published four issues of TulipTree Review, a print literary journal featuring fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. In addition to the Review, TulipTree publishes multiple fundraising books each year that benefit a variety of worthy causes.