Humor Story Contest
(Fall/Winter issue)

Deadline: October 17, 2023
Release: December 15, 2023

Contest Description

Due to our belief that everything would be better if we could laugh a little more, and after trying out a few different themes for this issue, we are dedicating the Fall/Winter issue permanently to Humor.

Entries can be fiction, nonfiction, or poetry—as usual, if it tells a story, and makes us laugh, it fits!

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Past Winners


Grand Prize
Wild Turkey by William E. Burleson
Honorable Mentions/Contributors​
Battleground by Jennifer Neves
Because I’m Cultured Like That by Ben Terry
Birks and Jerks by Eyal Cohen
Blood Buzz by Nathan Spicer
Career Advice for the Dying by Lisa Haneberg
Escape Artist by Christianna Soumakis
Found in Translation by Margaret Morth
Gender Bunny by J Mase III
Meditation on an Onion by Lollie Butler
Misdiagnosis by Sara Maria Greene
Monkey Pox by Melinda Goodman
My Job Application by Elizabeth Hill
On Shits, And How Often One Should Give Them by Jaiden Collier
Roomba by Ryan Murphy
Self Portrait as a Spermatozoon by Norman Goodwin
Shopping at Sears on a Snowy Day by Lynn Moore Rhodes
Shopping for Rugs on a Snowy Evening by Howard Zaharoff
Talking to Vincent by Ray Chatelin
The Bride and Her Toilette by Jenelle Boucher
The Jersey Slide by Don Carter
The Straight Poop by Steve Reynolds
Transformation by Stephen Schwandt


Stories let us accept each other's differences.

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