Wild Women Story Contest
(Spring issue)

Deadline: February 23
Release: March 21


Grand Prize

The Missing Jesus by Neta Harris

Honorable Mentions/Contributors

A Lingering Vision by Henry Heitmann​
After the Hunt by Gwyndolyn Neuwirth

An April Night by Vanessa Rowan Whitfield

At the Edge of the Earth by Kara Thompson

Bleeding Heart by Kesi Augustine

Bounced from Bunco by Nicole Tichon

Customs by Nancy T. McGlasson

Drama Queen by McKenzie Moser

Headline: Rival Gangs' Mothers Unite for Peace by Juley Harvey
How I Survived a Night with a Serial Killer by A. C. Bosco
How May Cracked Open the Universe by India Choquette

January 1 by Suzanne J Chick

Officer of Adaptation to Climate Change by Dean Gessie

Ornithology by Janet Hilliard-Osborn

Questions by Rachel Weaver

Revival by Kathleen Gerard
Shedding Skin by Erica Tolin

The Girl They Gave to Winter by Tina Blade

Truth or Consequences by Samantha Beaty

Woman Off the Grid by Sandy Lender


We are looking for empowering stories with female main characters (written by men or women) that celebrate the Wild Woman archetype: women who are the heroines of their own lives.

Rebellious, subversive, and untamed; maidens, mothers, and crones; Holy women, healers, explorers, artists, and teachers: the Wild Woman takes on many, many forms because every woman is different, and every woman is wild at heart.

We want stories about finding the wild, experiencing the wild, being the wild. 

These can be fiction, nonfiction, or poetry—as usual, if it tells a story, it fits!

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Stories let us empower others.