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Wild Women Story Contest
(Spring/Summer issue)

Deadline: March 8 (International Women's Day) 
Release (updated): May 25

2022 Grand Prize Winner

​by Branden Boyer-White​

Honorable Mentions/Contributors

Abduction by Tyler Wells Lynch
Anthropologist by Bergita Bugarija​

Breaking the Seal by Marianne Leone

Carnage by Soraya Safavid

Confessions of a Skeleton Bride on Día de
los Muertos
 by Stacey R. Forbes

Divorce Slut by Ashley Michelle C.

Elsewhere by A.L. Rowser

Georgia-Carolina Bridge, in a Floor-Length Dress by Amy Richerson

Magic by Janet Ruth
Monarch by Emily Jon Tobias

Nightflight to Venus by Sarah Kontopoulos

Of Lavender and Mint by Phyn Vermin
On the Descent by Vanessa Baehr-Jones
prophecy by Jess Luna

Softly by Mary Pauer

Tattoo Poem by Maria Nazos

The Wife by Charlotte Edsall

Vessels of Light by Sandra L. Meade
Visiting the Queen by Barbara Tylla
What I Took from the River by Anja Semanco

What if We Were Named After What We Bring Each
 by fenestra
What to Expect When You’re Quite Certain You Don’t Want
to Be Expecting
 by E. Marla Felcher

Yellow Footprints by Allison Fischer
You—& My Abstract Theory of You by R.J. Keeler


This is the first round of yeses. The Grand Prize winner and Honorable Mentions/Contributors will be selected from this list very soon!

36 by Sonia Sacheli

A Folktale for Our Time by Amanda Coleman White

A Mountain Calling by Nadra Dupé Henderson 

​A Room of One’s Own by Jessica L. Williams

Abduction by Tyler Wells Lynch

Anthropologist by Bergita Bugarija​

Ashore by Branden Boyer-White​

Aunt Bernadette Confesses by Beth Bayley

Bathing in You by Chuck McConnell

Beloved Beauty by Molly Akin

Biologically Speaking by Mary Christina Stanislaws

Body and Limb by dixmarie deLaneuville

Breaking the Seal by Marianne Leone

Burning Year by Megan Cook

Carnage by Soraya Safavid

Chickpeas by Mel Konner

Confessions of a Skeleton Bride on Día de
los Muertos
by Stacey R. Forbes

Dandelion People by Stephany Phimmasouk

Declaration of Independence by Beth Holly

Demystifying a Witch by Sonia Sacheli

Diana Changed by Sandy Lender

Divorce Slut by Ashley Michelle C.

Do What You Can (to Make a Life) by Barb Peil

Elsewhere by A.L. Rowser

Eulogy by Maria Nazos

First Poem After the Stroke by Shanan Ballam

Forgive Me, Father by Kait Quinn

Georgia-Carolina Bridge, in a
​Floor-Length Dress
by Amy Richerson

It Is by Elizabeth Sander

It’s All About Eve by Valerie Whitworth

Jenny: In Love and Suicidal by Sandro F. Piedrahita

June Viavant, Protector of the Wild by Debra Wilson Frank

Last  Shower Before Moving On, Alone, into
by Maria Nazos

Leash by Casey Forest

lépidoptères by Camryn Adele Portagallo

Little Spoon by Amalia Herren-Lage

Magic by Janet Ruth

Monarch by Emily Jon Tobias

Nestling in the Sycamores by Victoria Lee Smith

Nightflight to Venus by Sarah Kontopoulos

Of Lavender and Mint by Phyn Vermin

On the Descent by Vanessa Baehr-Jones

prophecy by Jess Luna

Shark Teeth and Angel Wings by Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna

Softly by Mary Pauer

Sofy Wings by Liuyu Ivy Chen

Some Facts About Duffino by Brenda Shoshanna

Tattoo Poem by Maria Nazos

Thanx to Mama During Covid by Joy A. Dryer

The Dawn of Woman by Juley Harvey

The San Juans by Danielle Christmas

The Two Wives of Federico Ricci by EA Luetkemeyer

The Wife by Charlotte Edsall

The Woman in the Well House by Amanda Ashworth

To Ivy Raff by Ivy Raff

Vessels of Light by Sandra L. Meade

Visiting the Queen by Barbara Tylla

What I Took from the River by Anja Semanco

What if We Were Named After What We Bring Each
by fenestra

What to Expect When You’re Quite Certain You Don’t Want
to Be Expecting
by E. Marla Felcher

Who, Me?  Engaging in Questionable Activities: How
“The Mother of Mulch” Took On President Nixon and
​the FBI
by Paula Newcomer

Wild Women: Joy Beyond Measure by Lulu Larcenciel

Windsurfing Woman, Juan de Fuca Strait by Norman Goodwin

Wonder Woman’s Last Interview for Vanity Fair by Tricia Knoll

Yellow Footprints by Allison Fischer

You—& My Abstract Theory of You by R. J. Keeler

You Gotta Be Kidding by Mark Mattmiller

Contest Description

We are looking for empowering stories (written by anyone) whose main characters embody the Wild Woman spirit. 

The Wild Woman takes on many forms: rebels, subversives, and the untamed; maidens, mothers, queens, and crones; Holy women, healers, explorers, artists, and teachers.

We want stories about finding the Wild, reclaiming the Wild, experiencing the Wild, being the Wild. We especially love stories about the ways women use their power to create and shape the world, and stories about discovering—or remembering—this power in the first place.

These can be fiction, nonfiction, or poetry—as usual, if it tells a story, it fits!

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If we are not owning our power, it means someone else is. 
It means we have handed the controls to a third party—our partner, our boss, a parent, or society as a whole. 
The result is that we perpetuate a sense of ourselves as the victim, rather than the heroine, of our lives. . . . 
Victimhood is our cultural norm. It’s how women in the patriarchy are raised to feel. We have not been raised to believe 
we are the source of our own power, 
the determiners of our own emotional state. 
But in truth, that’s exactly who we are. 
​All it takes to know this, is to plug back into our radiance.

Regena Thomashauer, aka “Mama Gena”
The School of Womanly Arts


All around the world, women are stepping forward
to invite back their authentic, creative,
wonderfully unique selves.
We are shedding the old, faded clothes of war,
domination, competition, jealousy, and repression.
We are rising like the sun, shining big and bright as the full moon. We are saying yes to the power of fierce love, compassion, constant authenticity, and vulnerability.

​​—HeatherAsh Amara


Grand Prize
The Girl Who Visited the Alligator Queen by Couri Johnson
Honorable Mentions/Contributors
​A Distant Home by Nan Jackson
​A Married Woman Walks into a Bar by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
A Selkie’s Tale by Hannah Yang
Ann, Without by Broderick Eaton
Beyond the Mountains by Mahalia Solages
Bone Memory by Melissa Min
Boxes That Won’t Fit by Heather Anderson
Bruised Ego Trip by Becky Jensen
Dust and Blood by Janet Ruth
Gretel’s Revenge by Sue Storts
Hooves at the Precipice by Jacqueline Sheehan
Inviting Her In by Peter Young
Maintenance by Kristina Van Sant
My Old Kentucky Home by Ellen Pauley Goff
On the Outside, Moving On by Nora Bonner
pretty by Sophia Slattery
Resurrection Mary by Kipling Knox
Saint Iriana, the Cow-Herder by Red Hawk
The Hunt by Anne Morales
The Nature of Her Identity by Jude Rittenhouse 
The Obituary I Wish I’d Written by Brooke Herter James​
​To Auckland by Mellisa Pascale​
​​To Helen and River of AA by Lila Quinn
Too Big For My Britches by Sarah Kotchian
Untethered by Mary Kate Wilcox
Women Arise Now ~ Water to Fire by Genét Bosqué

Grand Prize
Eve: I Did It on Purpose by Melina Vanchieri
Honorable Mentions/Contributors
28 Days by Alyea Pierce
A Well-Cut Coat and Bright Smile by Patricia Schultheis
Choices by Pamela O’Hara
Climbing the (White) Ladder to Success by Leeanne R. Hay
Every Witch a Woman by Natasha Ayaz
Exonerves by Lisa Fransson
Femininity & Pleasure: Observations on Wingfire by Jessica Burdg
Free by Jacqueline Gryphon
Genesis by Yael Hacohen
Hercules by Anil Classen
I Want to Teach Camille by Jessica McDougald
In Love by Vlada Teper
on the day i shaved my head by Kaitlyn Zeran
Phoenix by Thea Swanson
Rewilding by Tracy Rose Stamper
Rice Wine and Blowdarts by Bonnie J. Morris
That Kiss by Sue Staats
The Day I Flew by Mariah Julio
The Renovation by Vanessa Park
Your Daughter Is a Full Moon by Sabrina Strand

Grand Prize

The Missing Jesus by Neta Harris

Honorable Mentions/Contributors
A Lingering Vision
 by Henry Heitmann​
After the Hunt by Gwyndolyn Neuwirth
An April Night by Vanessa Rowan Whitfield
At the Edge of the Earth by Kara Thompson
Bleeding Heart by Kesi Augustine
Bounced from Bunco by Nicole Tichon
Customs by Nancy T. McGlasson
Drama Queen by McKenzie Moser
Headline: Rival Gangs' Mothers Unite for Peace by Juley Harvey
How I Survived a Night with a Serial Killer by A. C. Bosco
How May Cracked Open the Universe by India Choquette
January 1 by Suzanne J Chick
Officer of Adaptation to Climate Change by Dean Gessie
Ornithology by Janet Hilliard-Osborn
Questions by Rachel Weaver
Revival by Kathleen Gerard
Shedding Skin by Erica Tolin
The Girl They Gave to Winter by Tina Blade
Truth or Consequences by Samantha Beaty
Woman Off the Grid by Sandy Lender

 A Mountain Calling 

By Nadra Dupé Henderson 

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