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TulipTree founder and editor in chief Jennifer Top is a freelance editor and self-publishing consultant. She can help you with the following services. 

Developmental/Story Editing
If you have a draft of your story or novel and you're not sure what to do next, this stage of editing may be what you're looking for. You'll receive constructive feedback on your characters and character development as well as on the story as a whole, including what's working and what may need to be strengthened.

Copy/Line Editing
This stage of editing is for those manuscripts that are mostly done but need some tidying up. Jennifer will edit for grammar and spelling, style consistency, and any story snags that need to be resolved. Whether you are self-publishing or preparing to submit it to a publisher, your manuscript needs to be in the best shape possible, and a pre-submission edit is always a good idea.

Book Design & Formatting
You don't have to know what front matter is or that page 1 should start on a right-hand page to publish your own book, but there are a lot of little things that go into a book that will make it look more professional. Jennifer loves making beautiful, quality books that clients are proud of. If you want to self-publish but don't want to deal with the details of formatting, Jennifer can do it for you!

Cover Design
A good cover captures the essence of a book. Jennifer will work with you to find the perfect image or images to present your story to the world.  

A proofread is generally the last set of eyes on a manuscript before it's published. The book should be in its final, formatted version—in fact it can be an actual proof of the book or a PDF. The impact of this stage of the publishing process should not be underestimated! Having a fresh set of eyes check for typos before publication can save you from cringe-worthy mistakes.

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