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Disruptors Story Contest
(Fall/Winter issue)

Deadline: October 17, 2021
Release (updated): December 15, 2021

2021 Grand Prize Winner

Four Pigs in the Desert by Morgan Smith

2021 Contributors/Honorable Mentions

An Allergic Reaction by Matt Matthews

Cut It by Mwihaki Kiiru

Disappearing Act by Lynn Gold

Ashes by Laura Hulbert

Three Owls by Amy Cook

the nametag by Cailey Drake

The Desperate by Doug Bost​

about a job by el Z

Photograph of Two Sisters, Memphis, 1902 by Shellie Harwood

Tourists by Nancy L. Davis

Splinter by Meg DeSantis

The Way of Tea by Emmeline Chang​

2021 Semifinalists

A Great Place to Live by Giannina Lissa Garcés-Ambrossi Muncey

about a job by el Z

After the Storm by Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna

An Allergic Reaction by Matt Matthews

An Unkindness by Broderick Eaton

Angels over Queens by P.F. Witte

Apology to Mrs. Joliff 47 Years Too Late by Meryl Natchez

Ashes by Laura Hulbert

Beast in the Glass by Lauren Smith

Biopsy by Janet Ruth

Bless, Heal, Nurture by Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna

Blood Ties by CB Anderson

 ceremony by Monique Ferrell 

​Civilization by Mark Connelly

Confessional Poetry Is Dead by Dion O’Reilly

Cut It by Mwihaki Kiiru

Dirt and Water by Jennifer Adrian Lance​

Disappearing Act by Lynn Gold​

Displacement by Jennifer M. Phillips

dominoes by Jill Siebers​

Doubt the Stars by Edwardo Pérez​

Dr. Levenström, I Presume? by Tristan Marajh​

Dreaming in Olive by Molly Wilcox​

Elephants Are Passing by Brenna Manuel​

Emotional Labor by Laura Ruth Loomis​

​Four Paintings by Bill Smoot

Four Pigs in the Desert by Morgan Smith​

Gaze by Blake Kelley

grandma is dead By Grace Furrow​

Harvest by L. Maristatter​

​How to Dissect a Bleeding Heart by Caitlyn Hunter

​Ice Age by Christopher Kwok

​It’s Not A Word. It’s A Story. by Lexie Bean

Mise-en-scène by Michael Riordan

​Mummers Eve by Dean Gessie

​On the Way to See Kratt’s Creatures by ​Kathryn Jordan

Ravel by Partridge Boswell

Photograph of Two Sisters, Memphis, 1902 by Shellie Harwood​

​Revolution of Dignity by Margaryta Kremneva

​Rodeo Days by Baker Craig

Seeds by Morgan Pugliano

Splinter by Meg DeSantis​

The Desperate by Doug Bost​

The Dream Uniform by Mohamed Morshed​

​The Firmament and the Night Doll by Tehila Lieberman

​The Good Neighbor by Dorene O’Brien

​the hand by Julie Fitzpatrick

​The Last Day of Mrs. Jim Jones by Annie Dawid

The Last Farm by Judi A. Rypma​

the nametag by Cailey Drake​

The Process by Libby B Bushell​

The Way of Tea by Emmeline Chang​

Third by Richard Hartshorn

Three Owls by Amy Cook​

​tilth by Monique Ferrell

​Timores e Devium by Henry Fey

​Tourists by Nancy L. Davis

Trump Visits Lincoln’s Boyhood Home National
by R.A. Eschenroeder​

Twelve Poods by Russell Working­­­­

Unctie by Lila Allen

​What Strange Light the Setting Sun by Porter Huddleston

​when they see us, still they do not see by Monique Ferrell

​Whispering to Our Sons by Porter Huddleston

​Will Afghanistan Leave America? by Howard Isaac Williams

You Are Toxic by Clyde Derrick

Contest Description

The entire world just witnessed the mother of all disruptions with Covid-19, and we are looking for stories with the same idea.

These can be small disruptions that have a big impact or huge disruptions that change everything. From Good Trouble to a wrong turn, from carefully executed plans to a good rage-quit to leave minimum wage behind, the greatest beginnings come from disrupting the old ways, whether intentionally or not. 

Entries can be fiction, nonfiction, or poetry—as usual, if it tells a story, it fits!

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