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Genre Story Contest
(Fall/Winter issue)

Deadline: November 15
Release (updated): January 2, 2020

2019 Grand Prize Winner

Infinite Realities by Alexander Weinstein

Honorable Mentions/Contributors

Approaching Dollywood by David Hopes

Della Finds Her Gift by Sandy Lender

Funnybone William Hemlepp

How to Play Your Hand in Little Tokyo by Evan Hundhausen

Letters in the Attic by Shana Scott

Murder at Black Beck by Charles Warren

The Bad Guy by P. Jo Anne Burgh

2019 Semifinalists

Amman City by Sabrina Shabaro

Approaching Dollywood by David Hopes

Beyond the Dunes by Elizabeth Austin

Della Finds Her Gift by Sandy Lender

Eyes Averted by Mar Bradley

Fixed Odds in Tinseltown by Jon Huffman-Eddy

Frostbite by Gregory Jeffers

Funnybone William Hemlepp

How to Play Your Hand in Little Tokyo by Evan Hundhausen

In Search of the Soul by Martin Liggins

Infinite Realities by Alexander Weinstein

Kaleidoscope Mary Fancher

Kimmel's Ghost by Judson Blake

Letters in the Attic by Shana Scott

Mama, I Met Moses by Abigail Pastel

Murder at Black Beck by Charles Warren

Purple Heart by Alexander Weinstein

See, I Told You This Would Happen by Darryl Halbrooks

Sir Alfred's Gift by Charles Warren

The Bad Guy by P. Jo Anne Burgh

The Bird and the Crocodile by Rachel Greco

The Book of Gray Neighbors by Amanda Braun

The Devil Take You by Melissa Lore

What a Ghost Wants by Tatiana Schlote-Bonne

You Never Love Girl as Much as You Love Girl Before
​You Get Girl
by Eleanor Bluestein

For this issue we are looking for great stories to curl up with next to a cozy fire or space heater. It is open to all fiction genres—mystery, crime, romance, science fiction, fantasy, noir, westerns, and everything in between (except extreme gore or violence).

Send us great stories we can escape in, that entertain, and that alternately (or simultaneously) puzzle, titillate, and scare us!

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